18 March 2017

Uber and I went down town to go and see the Gladiator exhibit at the Houston Natural Science and History Museum. Which also means we get to do some Pokemon hunting in a different area then normal.  Luckily there are a lot of stop to spin at and around the Museum. We got to the Museum around 10:30 or 11 am, and bought our tickets for the Gladiator exhibit and for the Butterfly exhibit.  We normally go and see the butterflies every time that we go to the Museum.  Our first stop was the Gladiator exhibit.  Which was really cool.  There was different stones from the Colosseum, each was marked from where it was taken. Also stated if it was part of the original build or one of the many repairs that had to be done on the original structure, due to fire or earthquake.

Next was lunch since it was 12:30 pm we decided to go and see if we could find a food truck to eat from since there are not many restaurant options. While walking to find some food the Pokemon catching started.

These three were caught on the way to lunch Sunkern was caught outside one of the parking garages in the Museum district. The two Squirtles were caught in McGovern Centennial Gardens, which connect to Hermann Park.  It was at the entrance to the Gardens we found some food tucks. I got lunch from Tu-Go Kitchen while Uber got lunch from one of our favorites Nom Mi Street.


Stantler as you can see was attracted to our food and was caught as a result.

After lunch we took a little time to take over the gym right there and then caught a couple more Pokemon before we went headed back to the Museum in order to go to the Butterfly exhibit.

Because I have a Plus, I am able to catch Pokemon while I am walking with out opening my app I did catch several other Pokemon, but there were mostly the same as normal.  Though we did see two different Unknown in one of the gyms between where we were and the Museum.


Teddiursa and three of his friends showed up when we were getting out our tickets to get in the butterfly exhibit.  So both Uber and I took the time to catch them.  Allowing Uber to evolve him into an Ursaring, and got me closer to my second one.

In the butterfly exhibit we saw these cool looking ones resting on some plants.  There are so many different butterflies in there.

If you want to get a good look at some of the different Butterflies that they have in there you should checkout #CBCStudy on instagram.  We both can spend hours in there it is so much fun to have all the different kinds of Butterflies flying around you and sometimes landing on you.

After that we went back out to Hermann Park and went to the Japanese Garden.  I love the Japanese Garden, I could spend hours there.  Some day I will get to sit out there and knit for a few hours. Here are some images of the park and the Pokemon I caught.

Then it was time to call it a day, Uber was able to catch a new Pokemon while it ran away from me on the way back to where we parked so I caught a Psyduck.


My only good hatch of the day was Mantine, a new Pokemon for me.


I hope the you have enjoyed my Pokemon Adventures from yesterday.  Come back tomorrow and I will share my adventures from today.  Welcome to my life as a Trainer, I hope that you will come back to see what is happening in my world.


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