Sorry for going missing

I am sorry for not getting on here last week but either I or Uber were sick for one part or other. I did go out and catch some pokemon and hatchingd some eggs. Mostly hatching eggs and working to evolve my Rhyhorn. Starting with today I will be starting back writing on here everyday. I am sure that I will put some stuff up from last week but it will not be it’s own post or very long. Well I am off to start my adventures for this week and will see you all later.


25 March 2017

Uber and I went into Houston, we decided to go to the zoo.  The zoo is one of my favorite places to visit. I love how the Houston Zoo has keeper talks in which they not only talk about the animals in the zoo and about the conservation efforts that the zoo helps support to help animals in the wild.  I was a little sad to see that the owl was not there anymore.  I was able to evolve three Pokemon and hatch two.


These three were evolved yesterday. Magneton, Azumarill, and Quagsire.  I am quite happy to have three Pokemon off of my walking list.

I was able to hatch these two though I think I hatched one more that I did not get a picture of.

With the water festival going on I had a lot of water Pokemon showing up at the zoo.

And these random non-water pokemon:

After we were done at the zoo we went to Hermann Park, which happens to be a Magnemite Nest. Where I caught several Magnemite though I only got a couple of pictures due to my ar camera not  working right and being almost out of battery so I started using my plus more.

Now that I have evolved up Magnemite I have a new walking buddy, Rhyhorn. I am hoping to have enough candies to evolve Rhyhorn up by mid week so that I can move on to my next walking buddy. My list is really helping me fill my pokedex up.

Well I am off to make some dinner and play some Sun and Moon.  See you tomorrow.