20 March 2017

Honestly today’s post will be rather short.  Yesterday I really did not have the opportunity to catch many Pokemon. I would still write more but am really tired and want to go to bed.  So here is a quick summery for you.

To start the day I opened the Pokemon Go app while preparing for yesterday’s post when I Rhyhorn shows up.  I do not have many Rhyhorns I think this may be the first one I caught the other’s have all come from eggs.


Other than using my Go Plus to spin for me on the one Pokestop on my way to work I had no other catches until my work lunch hour was almost up.  I had both a Spinarak and a Sunkern show up on my way back into my office building.

When leaving work I opened up Pokemon Go so that I could connect the plus to it when Teddiursa showed up. So I quickly caught him on my way out of the office building.


For some reason I hit more spins on my way home then I do on my way to work, I get about 3 to 4 on the way home.  Part of the reason for this is road work forces me to take one way to work and a different way home.  Which is annoying but not a big deal.

When I got home I saw another Octillery which allowed Uber to catch his first one and me my second.  Last night I had a Eevee, Sentret, a Weedle all decided to show up so that I could catch them in the house.  It was very convent of them.

So that is a quick run down of my day. I am going to call it a night and will be back tomorrow for my next update.



19 March 2017

Yesterday I slept in a little bit but was up and about by 8:30 am, since Uber was on shift I decide to go for a early walk.  This is something that I often do when Uber is working.  As I got ready for my walk and opened my Pokemon Go app to connect with my plus what should appear in my living room but a hoothoot.


He got to be my first catch of the day (please disregard the mess not only do I need to do some major house work, but we are moving stuff around and going through stuff to donate and or sell. The joys of wanting to down size the junk in our lives).

It was a very foggy morning out yesterday, which I really enjoy.  I always feel so alone when I am in the fog, not something that I get to enjoy much in a city.

Unfortunately the fog burned off way to fast for my liking but I had some fun while it lasted. There is some real beauty that can be found on a foggy morning, though I feared getting hit by a car going to fast in the neighborhood. Luck for me I did not see any cars around when I had to cross any streets.

The five above are my first catches while walking. Starting with Spinarak jumping down from a tree at me. Then I stumbled upon a Sentret between trees, no urban or any walk is not complete with out several Rattatas.  As you can see by the time I caught the second Rattata (bottom left picture) the fog is quickly burning off.  Finally the last Pokemon I stumbled across before getting to the Pokestop nearest my house is Remoraid.  My only thought is that the fog was so thick that he got confused.

For the first half of my walk I saw no other people which made me very happy. Sometimes it is nice to be the only person around and is a great way to start the day with your own thoughts.  I was listening to music using pandora, I was listening to my Volbeat startion.  If you have never heard of them I highly recommend them.

Walking back from the Pokestop and heading towards my HOA Pool I caught a Sudowoodo, they are not very common to have show up around here. While not rare it is not something you normally find on your morning walk and a Natu. Natu’s are pretty common around here, I have been catching them because I want to evolve a second one up and see how strong I can make it. I don’t know that it is worth it but I am going to find out.

Though my real prize of the walk was this crobat.  He is not very strong and I will probably want to evolve one at a later date but I don’t care.  He is another entry in to my pokedex.  Something that I love to get is new entries, something that I don’t get that many of.


I did not really catch anything else during my walk but was able to get enough candy to evolve Voltorbe into Electrode.

Eveolved Electrode

Also I hatched another Magnemite, which means I only need 9 candies not to evolve him so he has become my new buddy. Both of these things happened near the end of my walk. the rest of the day was spent doing College Algebra and house work. But I was able to get some other goodies before I went to be for the night.

When getting ready to weed the fence line flower bed I opened my app up and decided to catch the random Rattata that wandered into the house and instead found a Ditto, that makes 5 for me though all of there cps suck.  I contently spending candies and stardust to make my strongest one better. I did not have anything good pop while I was weeding the flower beds though I was not out there more then thirty minutes due to stepping in a hidden fire ant nest.  I don’t know why Texas has so many fire ants.  So with both feet covered in red spots from the ants I went in and showered.  My goal was to clean my feet off as quickly as possible and hope that I would not have to many areas that would puss up or get itchy. (Just in case you are wondering my feet have not pussy spots from the  ants or any major itchy spots. After work I will go back out and work on the fence line weeding starting from the other direction.  So Uber can find the nest and poison it along with the other two we already marked.)

My final catch worth noting is the Octillery that I found outside my house after my shower.  I quickly through on a hoodie and shorts and went out and caught him.

Yes my neighbors probably think I am nuts.  So that is the majority of my adventures yesterday. I went for a hour and half walk, did very little house work and did some College Algebra.  Now off to start today’s adventure.


18 March 2017

Uber and I went down town to go and see the Gladiator exhibit at the Houston Natural Science and History Museum. Which also means we get to do some Pokemon hunting in a different area then normal.  Luckily there are a lot of stop to spin at and around the Museum. We got to the Museum around 10:30 or 11 am, and bought our tickets for the Gladiator exhibit and for the Butterfly exhibit.  We normally go and see the butterflies every time that we go to the Museum.  Our first stop was the Gladiator exhibit.  Which was really cool.  There was different stones from the Colosseum, each was marked from where it was taken. Also stated if it was part of the original build or one of the many repairs that had to be done on the original structure, due to fire or earthquake.

Next was lunch since it was 12:30 pm we decided to go and see if we could find a food truck to eat from since there are not many restaurant options. While walking to find some food the Pokemon catching started.

These three were caught on the way to lunch Sunkern was caught outside one of the parking garages in the Museum district. The two Squirtles were caught in McGovern Centennial Gardens, which connect to Hermann Park.  It was at the entrance to the Gardens we found some food tucks. I got lunch from Tu-Go Kitchen while Uber got lunch from one of our favorites Nom Mi Street.


Stantler as you can see was attracted to our food and was caught as a result.

After lunch we took a little time to take over the gym right there and then caught a couple more Pokemon before we went headed back to the Museum in order to go to the Butterfly exhibit.

Because I have a Plus, I am able to catch Pokemon while I am walking with out opening my app I did catch several other Pokemon, but there were mostly the same as normal.  Though we did see two different Unknown in one of the gyms between where we were and the Museum.


Teddiursa and three of his friends showed up when we were getting out our tickets to get in the butterfly exhibit.  So both Uber and I took the time to catch them.  Allowing Uber to evolve him into an Ursaring, and got me closer to my second one.

In the butterfly exhibit we saw these cool looking ones resting on some plants.  There are so many different butterflies in there.

If you want to get a good look at some of the different Butterflies that they have in there you should checkout #CBCStudy on instagram.  We both can spend hours in there it is so much fun to have all the different kinds of Butterflies flying around you and sometimes landing on you.

After that we went back out to Hermann Park and went to the Japanese Garden.  I love the Japanese Garden, I could spend hours there.  Some day I will get to sit out there and knit for a few hours. Here are some images of the park and the Pokemon I caught.

Then it was time to call it a day, Uber was able to catch a new Pokemon while it ran away from me on the way back to where we parked so I caught a Psyduck.


My only good hatch of the day was Mantine, a new Pokemon for me.


I hope the you have enjoyed my Pokemon Adventures from yesterday.  Come back tomorrow and I will share my adventures from today.  Welcome to my life as a Trainer, I hope that you will come back to see what is happening in my world.