Day One

When Pokémon Go first started people were crazy for the game. For the first time in my life time on the news there were stories of people getting together to play Pokémon. A community started to form, but it collapses as problems with the game were not fixed. Soon mostly people who grew up play the game on Gameboys and watched the anime were still playing. Even some of those people were only playing casually. When in the beginning they would be out every day playing to right before they shifted from that virtual world into the real world, now they were turning it on only on the weekends or if they went somewhere new and wanted to see what would show up. Few people were playing it as constantly as before. Then one day we woke up to a different world.

The morning that the world changed every person 10 or older found a box at their front door. It had a note on the top that read, “important read before leaving for the day and before opening the box.” Many people did not read that note, terror would run wild that day. It was a Saturday morning; my Husband and I left our house early like we did every Saturday. He had college classes to attend and I was going to spend a few hours at the library and volunteering at the History Museum. I wanted to spend some time researching for a speech that I would be giving in a few weeks before going to the History Museum where I volunteered as a Docent. Neither of us had ordered anything nor did the boxes have a delivery or return address. We went a head and picked up the boxes and walked out to the truck. I remember us noticing that 3 or our 6 trees in the yard were not looking good. Over night they went from the healthy dormmate looking state to looking dead. We were not happy about the idea of having to replace 3 trees but would wait a few more weeks to see if they looked better later in spring. I noticed that several of our neighbor’s trees were also looking bad.

I took the note off one of the boxes and opened it:

Dear Pokémon Trainer,

Later, this morning you will have to choose your first Pokémon. Use one of these six balls to catch it, you will not have to fight it to catch it. Future Pokémon you will have to weaken to catch. Keep these Pokeballs with you always. On your phones you will find a new tile called Pokedex. If you open it, you will find your Pokedex. Dexter will help you learn everything that you need to know. If you buy and new phone you will find the Pokedex will automatically transfer, no log on necessary. Good luck trainers. You will find more Pokeballs in your stores later today.

Professor Willow.

“Wow someone has really put some time and thought in to this prank.” I say to my husband as I unlock my smart phone. To my surprise I find a tile on my home screen that read Pokedex. I grab my husband phone and find the same tile on his home screen. “Did you plan this? Was this you?” I ask him.

“No not me,” He says as he turns on the radio. He flipped it to the Houston NPR station. On the radio they are running only one story. How people are finding these packages on their door steps. One for every member of the family that is above the age of 10. People with children are finding notes on the pile of packages that say for everyone over the age of ten. They read the notes on the air it was the same word for word as the one that I had in my hand. As the news goes on I open the package to find six Pokeballs they look just like the ones in the game. Six starter balls, they are small about the size of a tennis ball.

I pick up the first one and hold it in my hand. After holding it for a moment the ball expands and becomes bigger, about the same size of a softball. I set it back down and after a moment it shrinks back down to the original size. Just like in the older anime. It was quite the shock. We still were not convinced that it was not some sort of prank that was being played on a massive level. Still we both took the Pokeballs out of the package and set them in our bags. I don’t know why we choose to do that when so many other people choose to ignore it and treat the entire thing like a prank.

I went into the library while my husband went to class. He would be there for about four hours. I spent the two hours I planned to on research and then stepped outside of the library. I was going to put my school stuff in the car and then walk to the Museum but that day I never made it to the Museum. To my amazement three Pokémon came running up to me when I stepped out of the library. Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle all stood before me. I don’t know what made me do it, but I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and opened the app Pokedex and held it, so the camera was locked on Bulbasaur. The Pokedex entry came up and Dexter started talking. “I am Dexter, your Pokedex help. That is …” I shut off the app. I had already seen that it had the Pokedex information on Bulbasaur. It was the same as it was in the games and on the anime.

I sank to my knees in front of the three. They were real and in front of me, I pinked myself to make sure that I was awake then reached out with a shaking hand and touched Bulbasaur’s head. It felt real, I still couldn’t quite believe that this was happening. It was unbelievable, yet some how it was happening. I looked around the little courtyard in front of the library and there were people all around in different stages of disbelief. I heard on boy yell, Charmander I choose you as he lightly tossed a Pokeball at the Pokémon. Just like in the games and anime the Charmander disappeared in to the ball it landed on the ground shook three times and then clicked. The other two Pokémon that had been around him ran off. I watched as woman and man ran away from the three Pokémon and they followed them.

I reached in to the pouch of my sling bag and pulled out a Pokeball it increased in size. I held it out to Bulbasaur and asked it “will you be my first Pokémon?” Bulbasaur touched its nose to the Pokeball and disappeared inside. It shook three times and then it clicked. Charmander and Squirtle disappeared. I tossed my ball in the air and said “Bulbasaur come on out.” Bulbasaur came out of the ball and it was thrown back at me. I caught the closed ball. Then looked at Bulbasaur still in slight shock. “Return” I said as I held the ball out. Bulbasaur disappeared. Somehow it was back in my Pokeball. I studied the ball in my hand and say a little leaf on the top of the white part. I reached in to my bag and picked up another ball. The empty ball felt different, lighter then the ball that held Bulbasaur and it did not have the leaf on it. For the time being I left Bulbasaur in the Pokeball and walked over to the building that my husband had class in and sat on a bench.

I watched as people came in and out of buildings, some people were freaked out others didn’t seem to care that they were surrounded by strange creatures, and others were excited by seeing the Pokémon. I didn’t have to wait too long until my husband came out of the building behind him was his classmates and professor. Charmanders, Squirtles, and Bulbasuars came running to each person that stepped out of the building. My husband and the others looked a little unsure and startled. I stood up and walked over to the group.

“It’s okay” I tell the group “they will not hurt you. They are your starter Pokémon, you can choose which one you want. If you use, your phone’s Pokedex it will tell you a little about each type. Once you pick your one then uses one of you Pokeballs that you should have found on your doorstep this morning and lightly toss it at or touch it to the Pokémon you want.” I reach out and touch the Charmander standing in front of my husband, it leaned into my hand.

“Which one did you pick” my husband asked me.

“I am not telling you I don’t want to influence your choice. If you want I will go around the side of the building so that I don’t know which one you choose, and we can show each other at the same time.” I told him.

“There is no need for that.” He held up his phone looking at each one and listened to what Dexter had to say about each one before he dug in his bag and pulled out a Pokeball. He gently tossed it at Charmander. It shook three times before clicking and laying still. I picked up his ball and handed to him while the others ran off.

“Come on out” I say as I toss Bulbasaur’s Pokeball in the air. My Bulbasaur came out of the ball and it came flying back to me. My husband after a moment follows my lead and calls his Charmander out. “Bulbasaur meet our new friend.” I say. We watch as the two Pokémon seem to talk to each other, very much like in the anime. This was all so strange, in so many ways it did not seem real.

“My class let out early, due to everything that is going on. Since we are not going to be able to go get home easily for a while let’s walk down to the CVS. I be that they will find that they either have received supplies for these guys or a Pokecenter has appeared next to or in the store.” My husband said. His reasoning was good. After all, sooner or later someone would challenge us to a battle and we had better have what supplies that we needed.

It turned out that he was right about both, the CVS not only had supplies that we needed but they also had a Pokecenter that appeared next to there ready clinic. Before the day was out we would each be challenged several times and were able to find some oran berries which healed some damage done in battles. We also found that restaurants had gotten cases of Pokémon food. It was different food for each type. That day we found a grocery store with in walking distance of the college and walked down to it and bought some food for our new friends. Finally, we went back to the library where, each of us worked on school work until the library closed. It was only then that we attempted to get home. The drive was still longer then it normally was at that time of night, but not as bad as it would have been earlier in the day. When we got home that night we could see the trees that looked dead that morning now looked different but did not look any farther. Figuring that they were like the trees that we saw earlier that day.

When we entered our house, our cats were there screaming at us for their dinner. Since we had not planned on being out so late we had not left them extra food, so they were not happy with us for their late dinner. That night we left our Pokémon in their balls, to tired to watch how they would interact with our cats. Though honestly, I was almost more worried about how the cats would react. The next day would be soon enough to find out what would happen.


10 April 2017

This weekend I went to Anime Matsuri, well I went on Saturday.  I wish that I could say that I caught a lot of pokemon, but I did not.  I had app issues.  For a good part of the day I could not spin pokestops or catch any pokemon.  I don’t know what was going on but I would throw one ball and they would run away it did not matter if it was a cp 10 or 1000 they all ran. Then I would try to spin and nothing would happen.  I wouldn’t even get a try again later.  Shortly before we headed home it started working again.  Anime Matsuri was a lot of fun.  We saw some Ashes, Pikachus, Team Rocket members, and about 50 Team Skull members.  There was also on Misty.  I was able to find a box set of seasons 1-3 of Pokemon, and four of the movies that I have not seen before.

Today I have not gone to walk at all.  It was sprinkling during my lunch though even if it had been sunny I would not have walked today.  I have a Math exam in a few days and really need to study for it.  I have a three day weekend coming up so I am planing on doing some major walking and Pokemon hunting this weekend.  Most of this week will be spent working on school work so that I can go and play all weekend.  I am also just in the mood to read some manga and watch some anime.  I am feeling very lazy after been as active as I was all weekend.  Tomorrow night I will be going to take a walk after work, hopefully I will be able to hatch something and get some candy then.

Sorry for the boring post but I don’t have a lot to say today.

3 April 2017

Just a quick note, I am still not feeling a 100% so this post will be a little quick and will not have any photos. I am really sorry if you enjoy the pictures that I normally post for my up dates but that just takes more time to add them and at this point all I want to do is go to bed. So without further ado I give you yesterdays adventure or lack there of.

Let me start by telling you what I have evolved in the last week.  Rhyhorn was evolved into Rhydon. Sunkern into Sunflora by using a sunstone and Gloom into Bellossom also by using a sunstone.  Yesterday (Sunday) I received a second sunstone solving my issue of having to decide who to evolve Sunkern or Gloom.  Since I have evolved Rhyhorn I have started walking Diglett I had wanted to get 2 or 3 candies during my lunch and after work walks but due to not feeling right I did not walk much at work than during my evening walk I started feeling severe vertigo which really slowed me down.  I did not think that I could make it home for a little bit, I thought that I was going to faint and was very happy that Uber was walking with me.  I was able to catch a few Pokemon but not anything really note worthy.

I am sorry that this is such a short and uneventful update but I am hoping in the next few days to have a better updates for you again. I am taking the next couple days off of walking but will start walking again near the end of the week to make sure that I kick this cold  or whatever it is.

26 March 2017

Sorry I don’t have a lot to share on here today. Uber was not feeling well yesterday, well really started not feeling well Saturday afternoon into the evening.  He is still not feeling well, I think that he maybe having the same issue of a lot of people that I know where their allergies are causing them to get sick due to drainage. Luckily I feel fine, but unluckily his not feeling well kept me from going out much.  On the way to the store I was able to get my 7 day spin and got a sun stone.  Now I have to decided what Pokemon I want to use it on since I have two that can use it.  Sunkern or Gloom I have enough candies that I could evolve either one of them.  This would be much easier if I had only enough candies for one of them.  So for now I am waiting until I decide who knows I may wait and see what I get next Sunday.  I have just enough room in my bag right now for my day one spin on 3/27/17.

My only catch that I got with the app yesterday was Tentacool. I honestly did not have the app up much yesterday and only made a few plus catches.  I don’t enjoy playing as much when I am mostly staying home.

Image for 3-26

Though I was able to take Rhyhorn out for a short walk and find one more candy.  We only have three more to go before I can evolve it.  Though we may walk a little more then what is needed so that I can power it up some.  I have not decided yet.  I have 5 Rhyhorn right now so I really could grind one up if I really wanted to.

New walking buddy

With Uber being sick I was able to update my walking list though.  I keep a list of Pokemon that I need to evolve.  In that list I keep how many candies I have and how many I need in order to evolve it. For example Rhyhorn: I have 47 candies and need 50 to evolve so I put that into my columns. Once I have everyone that I need to evolve in my list I look at who needs the least candies to evolve and that one becomes my new walking buddy until I evolve them.  Once a week I update my list which can change who I walk next. I plan out my next three at a time so next up for me is Diglett, Machop and Geodude.  As of right now in that order.  If something changes in the next week before I change walking buddies I will reorder or add someone to the list.  So right now I have 21 candies for Diglett and need 50.  I don’t take into account how many km I need in order to get a candy. Simply because that is more complicated then I want to get with it. I tried that with my first list and it just was really hard to keep it updated.  So do you have a method that you use to pick who you are going to walk with next?


21 & 22 March 2015

I want to start off by saying that I am sorry for this two day post.  I will try to keep these down to a minimum but they may happen from time to time.  While I could have posted last night it would have caused me to put off doing something that I really needed to be doing.  I want to start today’s post by sharing some personal data about myself.  You will find out that I am a huge nerd often called a dork by my co-workers.  I love to watch anime and read manga, I have a DS that I am currently playing the newest Pokemon game on (I have the Sun version), and am wanting to start buying the older seasons of Pokemon.  I work full time 40 + hours a week, and I am enrolled in 7 hours this semester in my local community college.  So sometimes I just run out of time or do not have time to play or even think about writing on here.  I am trying to make this a habit of mine to come and write at least 2oo words every day.  There will be days when I have extra time off like in May when I am taking a long weekend that I can get out more and hopefully do some amazing post about Pokemon.  Okay enough about me, let’s get on to the meat of things.

21 March 2017

So on mornings that Uber does not go into work we normally end up going to a Starbucks before I have to go to work.  We try to get there early enough that we can have something to eat and drink our coffee drinks before I have to go to work.  We spend on average an hour there.  I always have my Pokemon Go Plus button sitting on the table so that he knows where a Pokemon shows up or it is time to re-spin.  On these mornings he is normally playing Pokemon Duel, chest, or looking at reddit while I am doing homework.  This morning there was not a lot of Pokemon showing up at the Starbucks.  I only caught this Eevee:


I did not open my Pokemon Go app again until it was time to leave work.  I honestly just didn’t have time at lunch to go out and walk or passively play in the break room, I have  a pretty major test in one of my classes next week and I am not falling in to the same error that I did last time, thinking that it would be easier then it really was.  I opened the app and connected the Plus button on my way out of the office.  Uber and I drove up to the college so that we could use the gym on campus (we each exercise about 4 times a week).

After working out we took out the Poke-Gym that was right next to the real gym.  Where I put in my Espeon.

Gym take over

On the way back to the truck I was able to catch two more Pokemon.

Well as you can see one of them was caught in the truck, I know that I caught a couple with my Plus on the drive to get something to eat and home but I honestly did not look at my journal to see what it was because I don’t want to know what I did not catch.

On the way home Uber and I discussed the latest (at that time) announcement from Pokemon Go.  I am sure that you have seen it but if not here is a screen shot of it off of twitter.

Pokemon Go Up-Date announcement

Uber made the point that the Pokemon Go group would not need to do this if they did not make evolution items so rare.  He also points out that this does not help players like him that cannot spin every day.  He works a job where he is on shift for 2 days and then is off for 2 days.  This means that the 2 days that he is on he has no access to spins since he can not leave where he is. While Uber is the first to tell you that he would not still be playing this game if not for me since he feels like it is a broken game, he also has somethings that he wants to be able to do like evolve Pokemon that need special items.  The one thing that he is really waiting for is trading, once that happens he will have much more fun with it I think.  Personally I am excited about knowing I will get one item every 7 days.  I have only gotten 2 items since they came out.  I really want the other items and even more of the items that I have so that I can have some fun evolving certain types that I want more then one of.

22 March 2017

Honestly outside of using my Plus I did not catch anything until the evening.  This is due to that exam that I have coming up that I am trying to study for.  I also did not look at my journal because I did not want to see what I missed.  This is also how I got my spins today.  Right now I have so many 10 km eggs that I am trying to decide if I want to buy a 3 us incubator or if I just want to plan two really long walks this weekend.  I don’t want to see if I got another egg so I haven’t opened up to see what items I have gotten.  I try not to even look at my eggs when setting new eggs.


So I got a Psyduck on the walk back to the house from checking to see what the new lost pet poster was.  Since we go for walks most days we try to know if anyone near us is missing a dog or cat so we can be on the look out.  Even if I can’t get the animal to come to me then we can notify the owners where their pet was seen.

While I was studying Uber saw there were some Pokemon that he wanted to see if he could find so we went out and took a quick walk around the block.  All I got was 3 Woopers (sorry no AR pictures for them it is way to dark around here to see any thing in the pictures other then the Pokemon. It really just looks like they are standing in front of a black sheet).

With the water event going on right now you will be seeing a ton of water pokemon from me.  I do live in an area that we normally have a lot of water pokemon anyways so I normally see a lot of different water types.  I am hoping to get my first Lapras and to evolve up some Gen 2 water types before this event ends.

Hopefully tonight when I go for my walk I will get some go Pokemon but I need to go and get ready for work now and to try to do some more studying before  I leave the house for work.  Happy catching!





20 March 2017

Honestly today’s post will be rather short.  Yesterday I really did not have the opportunity to catch many Pokemon. I would still write more but am really tired and want to go to bed.  So here is a quick summery for you.

To start the day I opened the Pokemon Go app while preparing for yesterday’s post when I Rhyhorn shows up.  I do not have many Rhyhorns I think this may be the first one I caught the other’s have all come from eggs.


Other than using my Go Plus to spin for me on the one Pokestop on my way to work I had no other catches until my work lunch hour was almost up.  I had both a Spinarak and a Sunkern show up on my way back into my office building.

When leaving work I opened up Pokemon Go so that I could connect the plus to it when Teddiursa showed up. So I quickly caught him on my way out of the office building.


For some reason I hit more spins on my way home then I do on my way to work, I get about 3 to 4 on the way home.  Part of the reason for this is road work forces me to take one way to work and a different way home.  Which is annoying but not a big deal.

When I got home I saw another Octillery which allowed Uber to catch his first one and me my second.  Last night I had a Eevee, Sentret, a Weedle all decided to show up so that I could catch them in the house.  It was very convent of them.

So that is a quick run down of my day. I am going to call it a night and will be back tomorrow for my next update.


19 March 2017

Yesterday I slept in a little bit but was up and about by 8:30 am, since Uber was on shift I decide to go for a early walk.  This is something that I often do when Uber is working.  As I got ready for my walk and opened my Pokemon Go app to connect with my plus what should appear in my living room but a hoothoot.


He got to be my first catch of the day (please disregard the mess not only do I need to do some major house work, but we are moving stuff around and going through stuff to donate and or sell. The joys of wanting to down size the junk in our lives).

It was a very foggy morning out yesterday, which I really enjoy.  I always feel so alone when I am in the fog, not something that I get to enjoy much in a city.

Unfortunately the fog burned off way to fast for my liking but I had some fun while it lasted. There is some real beauty that can be found on a foggy morning, though I feared getting hit by a car going to fast in the neighborhood. Luck for me I did not see any cars around when I had to cross any streets.

The five above are my first catches while walking. Starting with Spinarak jumping down from a tree at me. Then I stumbled upon a Sentret between trees, no urban or any walk is not complete with out several Rattatas.  As you can see by the time I caught the second Rattata (bottom left picture) the fog is quickly burning off.  Finally the last Pokemon I stumbled across before getting to the Pokestop nearest my house is Remoraid.  My only thought is that the fog was so thick that he got confused.

For the first half of my walk I saw no other people which made me very happy. Sometimes it is nice to be the only person around and is a great way to start the day with your own thoughts.  I was listening to music using pandora, I was listening to my Volbeat startion.  If you have never heard of them I highly recommend them.

Walking back from the Pokestop and heading towards my HOA Pool I caught a Sudowoodo, they are not very common to have show up around here. While not rare it is not something you normally find on your morning walk and a Natu. Natu’s are pretty common around here, I have been catching them because I want to evolve a second one up and see how strong I can make it. I don’t know that it is worth it but I am going to find out.

Though my real prize of the walk was this crobat.  He is not very strong and I will probably want to evolve one at a later date but I don’t care.  He is another entry in to my pokedex.  Something that I love to get is new entries, something that I don’t get that many of.


I did not really catch anything else during my walk but was able to get enough candy to evolve Voltorbe into Electrode.

Eveolved Electrode

Also I hatched another Magnemite, which means I only need 9 candies not to evolve him so he has become my new buddy. Both of these things happened near the end of my walk. the rest of the day was spent doing College Algebra and house work. But I was able to get some other goodies before I went to be for the night.

When getting ready to weed the fence line flower bed I opened my app up and decided to catch the random Rattata that wandered into the house and instead found a Ditto, that makes 5 for me though all of there cps suck.  I contently spending candies and stardust to make my strongest one better. I did not have anything good pop while I was weeding the flower beds though I was not out there more then thirty minutes due to stepping in a hidden fire ant nest.  I don’t know why Texas has so many fire ants.  So with both feet covered in red spots from the ants I went in and showered.  My goal was to clean my feet off as quickly as possible and hope that I would not have to many areas that would puss up or get itchy. (Just in case you are wondering my feet have not pussy spots from the  ants or any major itchy spots. After work I will go back out and work on the fence line weeding starting from the other direction.  So Uber can find the nest and poison it along with the other two we already marked.)

My final catch worth noting is the Octillery that I found outside my house after my shower.  I quickly through on a hoodie and shorts and went out and caught him.

Yes my neighbors probably think I am nuts.  So that is the majority of my adventures yesterday. I went for a hour and half walk, did very little house work and did some College Algebra.  Now off to start today’s adventure.